WiFi Connected Smart Water Softener

Hydrolink wifi connected water softener Wifi connected smart water softener – what you need to know about them.

Water softeners are usually tucked away in a basement, garage, utility room or even under the sink — and often overlooked for extended periods of time, resulting in issues that can go unnoticed for weeks.


HydroLink Plus WiFi connected water softener

Low salt levels and other issues can go unnoticed for weeks, causing damage to the appliance.

EcoWater’s wifi connected smart HydroLink® technology allows you to get this information in real time. We make it possible for you to control and monitor your water treatment devices at your convenience.

This advanced home water monitoring system can help correct potential problems before they become issues, ultimately extending the life of the appliance in the home or business. It can be programmed to send alerts and diagnostics helping you set up maintenance and service as needed.

The EcoWater HydroLink Plus®  WiFi connected water softener system gives you the power to:

  • monitor your water usage,
  • let’s you know when to add salt and
  • gives you peace of mind when traveling.

You can access your system from virtually anywhere and receive alerts via email, text through our convenient app or by connecting to the secure website.

Connect to Wifi and you will be able to monitor the system’s status.


Alerts and features available for your EcoWater WiFi connected smart water softener

Wondering what alerts will you be able to see?

The following alerts will notify you with an email or a text if any of these conditions exist. Any combination or all of these alerts can be selected to give active notification.

  • Water-to-Drain Sensor** – Notifies you when an excessive amount of water is going to drain.
  • Low Salt Warning – An alert is displayed to let you know when salt needs to be added to the conditioner/refiner.
  • Flow Monitor – Sends an alert if conditioned water has been flowing for an extended period of time. Both the duration and flow rate can be changed.
  • Water Meter – Allowing for chemical feed dosing, flow switch operation and water use information.
  • Excessive Water Use – Sends an alert if significantly more conditioned water has been used than average for your home.
  • System Error – An alert is displayed to let you know that an error code condition exists on the unit.
  • Service Reminder – An alert is displayed to let you know the unit is due for service.
  • System Connection Status – Sends an alert to let you know that the Wi-Fi connection has been lost.
  • Regeneration/Backwash Start – Regeneration can be started remotely from your dashboard to your conditioner/refiner. Backwash cycle can be started remotely from your dashboard to your filter.


*Available on select models only

** This feature is not yet available on water filters.


Don’t settle for less, inquire about our HydroLink Plus®

Wifi connected smart water softener today!

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