About Us

We are an award winning independently owned dealership selling quality EcoWater products.

EcoWater has been manufacturing since 1925 and most of the products are still North American manufactured. For many people that is a valuable start as to where the products are coming from and the level of quality versus non North American manufacturing.

Many of our competitors claim to manufacture their own, but actually buy the components and assemble locally. EcoWater is one of the first and oldest manufacturers in the industry and is constantly striving to raise the bar in the industry with new and innovative products.

Our close attention to how our products function along with making them consumer friendly and the impact on the environment from raw product to end disposal shows we care not only about quality products but also how we impact the environment.

EcoWater has been providing viable, up-to-date water related products and solutions for homes and businesses since 1925 (way before the word “eco” was popular).

We will recommend the right water softener system that suits your needs after conducting a free water test for your home or business. This ensures high satisfaction levels and happy customers. We measure our success by having satisfied clients enjoying the benefits of a superior water system.

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