Residential Water Systems

Drinking cooking water system You are able to set your own standards when it comes to the drinking/cooking water your family is using.

Ordinary tap water may contain traces of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and other chemicals.

If you are health conscious and money conscious you can get cleaner, higher quality drinking water with EcoWater drinking water purification system.

residential drinking water baby bottle EcoWater Systems offers an exclusive line of Reverse Osmosis drinking/cooking water systems, specifically designed to provide clean, clear, better-tasting water, by removing more than 95% of dissolved solids, including many harmful contaminants.
This water ideal for:

Drinking – Coffee and tea – Cooking – Ice cubes

Baby formula – Aquariums – House plants, etc.


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EcoWater Systems Calgary has diverse knowledge when it comes to water treatment.We are unique in that we have a wealth of knowledge regarding our competitors’ equipment.
How so, you may ask?Most of our staff have worked for the competitor previously, and gained the technical advantage of how other products work. That being said, we can usually repair most makes and models that exist. This gives us a strength advantage over our competitors, as well the reassurance for the customer that we have that knowledge.

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