Payment Options – Water treatment system for Calgary and area

If you ever wondered what kind of payment option are available when purchasing a water softener or water purification system at EcoWater Calgary, here is the answer:

You are able to pay with credit card, they take visa or master card. You are able to pay with debit as well but it has to be done at the office, there is no remote machines for that.

Did you know? ….Ecowater Calgary has a very unique financing plan from EcoWater. buy a water softener in Calgary on a payment plan, hard water, soft water, Calgary, Water solutions

Eco Water says they’re not in the financing business, their lease program is a very good financing program for the consumer. Basically if somebody wants to buy a water softener it they can do so with only $250 down and for the most part depending on the equipment, we’ll take the cost of the equipment, divide it by 48 which comes up to 48 monthly payments. That’s it, that’s what the consumer will pay.

Some of the products have no interest other than that $250 down you put down. What makes it really unique is while it’s under lease, you get full warranty coverage on the product, any labor and parts that may be required and then when you make your last lease payment the warrant starts as if you actually just bought the product

When you compare this to other avenues of financing out there, the warranty starts as soon as the product goes in and what you end up paying about $200 – $300 more than you would under the EcoWater lease program plus…you don’t get any extra warranty.

The EcoWater’s lease program is virtually equal payments compared with the cost of the equipment, the extra warranty and you get a top quality product.

If you are looking for a water treatment system and you are not able to pay for it in one payment you will only need about $250 to start the process and then $42 a month will get you into a very good mid-range high efficiency system.

This is a very affordable way to get an high quality water treatment system for your whole house.

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