The Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water?

Water, the most basic fluid, essential to sustain all living organism is so convenient nowadays. When thirsty or need it for cooking or washing we just turn on our faucet. But having easy access to water doesn’t always guarantee that it is safe for consumption.

Back in the old days most people were already conscious of drinking safe water. The old method of purifying water was simply boiling it for an hour or so. It wasn’t until the year 1970 when the process of Reverse Osmosis was introduced as a way of making water much more safe for human consumption. This kind of water purification forces water molecules through semi permeable membrane that filters the water contaminants that are bigger than the water molecules.

According to an investigation done by New York Times, many diseases could arise when water is unfiltered or not treated, diseases such as

  • skin burns
  • rushes reverse osmosis, water purification, pure water,
  • erosion of tooth enamel
  • anemia
  • high blood pressure
  • stomach cramps
  • nerve damage
  • muscle damage
  • allergy symptoms
  • certain kinds of cancer

 .These diseases could be develop because the water  may contain:

  • arsenic
  • lead
  • barium
  • sodium
  • cryptosporidium

By using water that has been treated with reverse osmosis you and your family will benefit because your water will be free from the following contaminants:

  1. Lead content which can cause

–           brain damage

–          anaemia

–          nerve damage and certain kinds of cancer

  1. Heavy concentration of sodium can be the culprit for

–          high blood pressure

–          certain kidney disease

–          certain liver disease

  1. Cryptosporidium which are parasites can cause upset in the small intestine and give:

–          stomach cramps

–          fever

–          diarrhea

–          malnutrition

–          dehydration

  1. Toxic chemicals and harmful micro-organism that can be harmful to people with weak immune system or those who have cancer and are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

Having safe water for you and your family is important not only for health reasons but it follows that if you are healthy than there is no reason to not to be happy and enjoy life. Reverse osmosis is beneficial to you and your family.

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