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May 19

Where To Buy A Water Softener??

Where to buy your Water Softener? At EcoWater Systems Calgary, water treatment is what we do and we do it well! What we offer: Experience and Knowledge: EcoWater has been manufacturing since 1925! We are one of the first and oldest manufacturers in the industry – striving to raise the bar with new and innovative products. …

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Oct 15

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Water Softener In Calgary

Do you know why we should be using a water softener system in Calgary? Water hardness is caused by the presence of two main minerals- magnesium and calcium in ground or surface water. If either of these minerals are present in drinking water in high levels, the water is considered hard. These minerals are dominantly …

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Mar 13

The Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water? Water, the most basic fluid, essential to sustain all living organism is so convenient nowadays. When thirsty or need it for cooking or washing we just turn on our faucet. But having easy access to water doesn’t always guarantee that it is safe for consumption. …

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