Mar 23

Problem Water and Well Water Issues in Calgary

Calgary is well known to have ‘hard water’. What does this mean and what causes this issue?

Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium. Both these minerals come from rock such, as limestone that dissolves in our river system. Depending on the time of year, Calgary’s water treatment plant, produces water that is between 10-14 grains per gallon. Water off the Glenmore reservoir, produces water between 12-16 grains. Any measurement over 10 grains is classified as extremely hard.


Well Water can pose its own issues and concerns.

With well water, issues such as; iron, manganese, high sodium levels, high fluoride levels, high trace metals such as cadmium and lithium can be found.  You can also find H2S gas, sulfate reducing bacteria and iron-related bacteria. An even bigger issue tends to be fecal or e.coli bacteria present.

Common Solutions to help with Problem Water:

When it comes to City water, your solution to hard water is to install a Water Softener. This will work by replacing the non-toxic hard minerals with sodium or potassium. A water softener will replace the non-toxic hard minerals with sodium or potassium.

Well water can be more tricky, each well is different than the other one and it really should be a custom-made package according to your water quality and the needs that you need within your home. A water analysis will should be complete by a trained professional who is able to understand the water chemistry. Once you start to apply equipment, you’re looking at things that can come into play like high sulfides and chloride levels can interfere with certain mediums of iron.


There are a lot of rules that come into play when you treat water!

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