Safe Fountain & Save Kitchen

Safe Water. Safe Schools. Safe Kitchens.
While water quality in North America is generally considered to be good, system upsets, changes in water treatment conditions, and an ever-increasing list of harmful contaminants like lead, copper, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and toxic forms of algae found in water nationwide has caused us to rethink how we keep drinking water safe, especially in our schools.

The current EPA “action level” for lead contamination is 15 parts per billion (PPB), but medical studies show that as little as 7 PPB can affect kid’s health. (Picture a large swimming pool: all it takes are 7 drops to contaminate the water). EcoWater Safe Fountain System brings these numbers down to near zero.

Safe Fountain System

A blend of new technology and purpose built design brings a total solution to drinking water purification. EcoWater’s SFS in an economical solution that retrofits to your existing fountains and insures the highest quality water for students and staff.

In addition to removing contaminants, it produces great tasting water that will encourage good hydration habits. Moreover, it provides the school district with an immediate solution that is cheaper and easier to maintain than bottled water. Read More…

Safe Kitchen System

Often overlooked, food preparation areas are another important location where water purification is critical. Lead and other contaminants can be cooked into food in surprisingly high concentrations and need to be removed effectively. EcoWater offers unique solutions for food prep areas that combine kitchen re-plumbing with proprietary water purification technology. First, our professional plumbers install all new kitchen piping, using PEX flexible tubing, guaranteed not to leach contaminants. We also replace all kitchen faucets and connectors with lead-free components and hook up all faucets, pot-filters, steamers, ice and coffee makers to our Safe Kitchen System. Read More…

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